Procedure for deposit by mail or messenger delivery

Here's how it works:

One unbound copy of the material (not larger than 81/2" x 11") to be registered, shall be inserted in the registration envelope, sealed and signed by the writers on the line "Registration envelope sealed by: ."

Authorship by two or more persons will require the signatures and government issued I.D. numbers of all the persons. The information requested above the signature line should be filled in by the writer. Sealing wax may be applied to the reverse side if desired.

Upon receipt, the envelope will be dated, given a registration number and filed. A receipt with the registration number on it will then be issued. If your material was mailed, we will mail your receipt.

The writer may note on the title page of his/her presentation that it is registered with the Writers Guild of America, East.

The name under which material is registered should be the writer's legal name. The use of pseudonyms or pen names may require proof of identity in order to recover material.

When material is mailed to the Guild, the executed registration envelope should be enclosed inside a larger envelope addressed to:

Writers Guild of America, East, Inc.
250 Hudson St.
New York, New York, 10013
Attn: Registration Department

The appropriate fee must be attached to the front of the registration envelope.

A Credit Card Authorization Form (in Adobe Acrobat - .PDF format) should also accompany mail-in registrations if you are paying by credit card.

Oversize Scripts

Scripts not in compliance with the 8 1/2" x 11" size will require an additional charge. If the material is not of storable size, it cannot be accepted.

Registration Envelope

A registration envelope will be supplied upon request when accompanied by a 9" by 12" self addressed stamped envelope with $1.15 postage. If more than one envelope is desired add 21 cents for each additional envelope.

If you don't have a registration envelope

If the writer has none on hand and the need for submitting material to a purchaser is immediate, a plain envelope, of appropriate size 9" by 12", may be used by including all the following information on the face of the envelope:

  • Name and address of registrant
  • Title of material
  • Form of material
  • Registration sealed by (signature of author or his/her representative), and social security number.

Foreign Registrants

If you are a foreigner and do not have a Social Security number, you will be issued a writer number. If there are more than one registrant, all registrants must supply their social security numbers and signatures.

Contact Registration at 212-767-7801 if you have questions.