Rescission of Manager and Attorney Delegation

February 12, 2021

Dear Members,

Now that all the major agencies have signed franchise agreements, we are giving advance notice that the WGA is rescinding the limited manager and attorney delegation.  The change will be effective in 90 days, on May 14, 2021.

Background:  By the middle of March 2019 it appeared increasingly unlikely that the Association of Talent Agencies (ATA) would be willing to negotiate acceptable terms prior to the 1976 AMBA’s early April termination date.  Anticipating that thousands of members could suddenly be without their agency representation, and to head off agent threats against writers’ other representatives, on March 19, 2019, the WGA temporarily authorized managers and lawyers to procure employment and negotiate overscale terms for members’ covered writing services.  (link to March 20 2019 member email).

Resources for members: If you have questions about the rescission, the agency franchise agreements, or need help finding new representation contact Geoff Betts, WGA East’s Director of Contract Enforcement & Credits, at 212-767-7852 or


Read the Rescission FAQ.

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