December 6, 2010

WGAE Meets with FCC Commissioner Copps

On Friday, December 3, a WGAE contingent met with Michael Copps, one of the five members of the Federal Communications Commission.  We discussed the consolidation of ownership of media companies, the downward financial pressures on broadcast news, and Net Neutrality. Commissioner Copps has been a stalwart and articulate supporter of the rights of communities and […]

October 12, 2010

In the Matter of Preserving the Open Internet

In the Matter of  GN Docket No. 09-191Notice of Proposed Rulemaking WC Docket No. 07-52 Comments of the Writers Guild of America, East, AFL-CIO     The Writers Guild of America, East, AFL-CIO (the “WGAE”) submits these comments in response to the notice dated September 1 regarding further inquiry into two under-developed issues in the Open Internet […]

August 9, 2010

Statement on Google/Verizon Deal

While the Writers Guild of America, East, AFL-CIO, usually takes pride in celebrating creativity, we must condemn the creative magic by which Verizon and Google have split the online world into  the “public Internet” and “additional differentiated online services.” This semantic sleight of hand seeks to prioritize online content, granting privilege and advantage to those […]

August 5, 2010

Verizon and Google: The Deal of the Titans

The world’s biggest media companies want to define how people will get content over the Internet.  Money talks; independent content creators: take a walk.  A mega-deal is reportedly in the works in which Verizon will favor Internet content from Google because Google has the spare cash to pay for preferred access.  And this is being […]

July 23, 2010

Stand With Newspaper Guild Members

Thomson Reuters Corp. has been sticking it to its union-represented workforce since last year. Now this global media giant wants to stick it to New York taxpayers. So far, this profitable company has illegally cut the pay of all of its 420 U.S. union members and walked away from negotiations with the Newspaper Guild of […]

July 16, 2010

Breaking news in court case on documentarian rights

Documentary filmmakers and journalists may breathe a partial sigh of relief today as the Court of Appeals has issued a largely positive order in the case of documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger. Attorney Michael C. Donaldson filed an Amicus Brief on behalf of the Writers Guild of America East, as well as 22 other industry organizations […]

July 16, 2010

Berlinger Court Order from Second Circut Court of Appeals

Click here to read court order.

July 15, 2010

Amicus Brief in Support of Appelants Joseph Berlinger, Crude Productions

Attorney Michael C. Donaldson filed an Amicus Brief on behalf of the Writers Guild of America East, as well as 22 other industry organizations and individuals, who saw the court order that filmmaker Joe Berlinger turn over 600 hours of raw footage he shot while producing the documentary CRUDE to the Chevron Corperation so the […]

July 9, 2010

Media Consolidation is Bad for Writers and Bad for Democracy

What happens when the media is controlled by a diminishing number of large corporations? The FCC is reviewing its media consolidation rules and the WGAE has filed comments raising concern. Read our blog post.

July 9, 2010

WGAE joins in broad coalition fighting consolidation of media ownership

The Coalition for Competition in Media is 21 public interest groups, organizations and unions that oppose the merger of Comcast and NBC-Universal, as currently proposed. Consolidation is bad for writers and harms the public interest. Read more.