January 23, 2008

Award-Winning Strike Support in New York

Yesterday the WGAE gathered nearly 30 members and supporters at the Players Club at Gramercy Park — Oscars, Emmys, Tonys and Golden Globes they have won throughout the years in hand — to deliver the message that the WGAE won't be rushed into a deal just because the DGA has settled their contract talks. "The […]

January 22, 2008

Conan O’Brien’s Strike Diary Revealed!

There was an eerie calm before the Strike hit, which made its arrival all the more terrifying. The sky darkened and the cruel November winds howled. Hell hath no fury like a Writer denied his appropriate Internet-participation formula. I was tossed about my quarters like a rag doll, gasping for air and struggling against the […]

January 22, 2008

Irwin Gonshak Remembered

Irwin was born April 3, 1927, in Brooklyn, New York, to Polish Jewish immigrant parents who came to America in search of a better life. His father began by pushing a hot-dog stand on the Lower East Side, and, when he retired in middle age, was the owner of two New York clothing stores. In […]

January 22, 2008

‘No Country’ and ‘There Will Be Blood’ Lead Oscars

The Joel and Ethan Coen-penned "No Country For Old Men," about the ruthless aftermath of a botched drug deal, and "There Will Be Blood," starring Daniel Day-Lewis as a scheming oil man in an epic about American capitalism, took the lead in the Oscar race with eight nominations each, including best picture and best director. […]

January 21, 2008

Jon Stewart Won’t Cross Oscar Picket Line

FOOL'S GOLD By DON KAPLAN THE Oscar people are talking tough – but most people in Hollywood and the TV business believe the Oscars are dead this year. ABC was busy last week telling advertisers that the show will go on – despite the threat of Writers Guild picket lines keeping all the stars away. […]

January 17, 2008

Jerome Coopersmith: The Other Side

Jerome Coopersmith's one-act play "The Other Side" had its New York premiere at the NY Bar Association on January 12th under the auspices of the Baker Street. Irregulars, the nation-wide affiliation of Sherlock Holmes devotees. The play reenacts the clash of Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle over the subject of spiritualism. Coopersmith hopes the […]

January 9, 2008

No (Manhattan) Mystery

From the RiskyBiz blog:   The writer-director who once said e didn't understand people who wanted to know the universe when he couldn't find his way around Chinatown will try again. To know Chinatown, that is. After globetrotting through England and Spain for his recent films, Woody Allen says he's returning to familiar terrain. The […]

January 8, 2008

Coen Brothers Among DGA Nominees

AP reports : LOS ANGELES (AP) – Sean Penn earned a nomination Tuesday as best filmmaker from the Directors Guild of America for his tragic road tale "Into the Wild," along with Joel and Ethan Coen for their bloody crime saga "No Country for Old Men." Also nominated: Paul Thomas Anderson for his historical epic […]

January 4, 2008

Nick Hornby and David Simon

David Simon [CREATOR-WRITER-PRODUCER OF HBO'S THE WIRE] "MY STANDARD FOR VERISIMILITUDE IS SIMPLE AND I CAME TO IT WHEN I STARTED TO WRITE PROSE NARRATIVE: FUCK THE AVERAGE READER." Some things television is good for: Catharsis Depicting the "other" America Pissing off the mayor   Three or four years ago, I got an email from […]