September 21, 2007

The Latest Word: Negotiation Statement for 9/20/07

The Writers Guilds of America, East and West issued this statement today about the MBA negotiations: The Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) held a full day of negotiations today and recessed at 4 p.m. Scheduling for the next session will be done in the next day […]

August 28, 2007

Contract 2007 Update

August 8, 2007

Contract2007: The Companies’ Fuzzy Math

  August 7, 2007 Producers of Big Fat Greek Wedding Sue To Get Film Revenue "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" producers Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Gary Goetzman and star Nia Vardalos are suing Gold Circle Films claiming the production company has breached contracts to pay a portion of revenue from the hit film. [thre]   […]

August 3, 2007

Ladd, Kanter get $3.2 mil in damages

From Variety : A Los Angeles jury Thursday awarded producers Alan Ladd Jr. and Jay Kanter precisely the $3.2 million in damages on their allocation claim against Warner Bros. that attorney John Gatti asked for in closing arguments Monday. The 12-member jury voted unanimously in favor of liability and 10-2 on damages. "We are very […]

July 30, 2007

Take My Study… Please

Why shouldn't we take seriously the Companies' idea to conduct a three-year study of non-traditional media? How can we take an idea seriously that means stalling for three years the bargaining of fair contracts for the people who create and produce the content that makes the entertainment industry so successful? The studios assert that these […]

July 30, 2007

Contract 2007: A Storyline Based on Fact

    Written by John Bowman, Chair, Negotiating Committee As we look to Contract 2007 and the opening round of negotiations on July 16, the Guild is following a story arc different from the one the AMPTP might have in mind. In the past, management has tried to take advantage of our internal divisions and […]

July 17, 2007

Contract 2007: A Message from Chris Albers

Dear fellow WGAE members: On July 16 negotiations began between the Writers Guild of America Negotiating Committee and the studios and the networks for a new Minimum Basic Agreement. Both sides presented their first sets of proposals across the table. In addition to the efforts of your Negotiating Committee, the outcome of these negotiations will […]

July 17, 2007

Contract 2007 Negotiations Update

Negotiations began today between the Writers Guilds of America, East and West and the studios and networks for a new Minimum Basic Agreement. Here is the proposal the WGA Negotiating Committee presented at the table . The WGAE and the WGAW issued the following statement on the opening day of Contract 2007 negotiations: "The conglomerates […]

July 16, 2007

MBA Negotiations Start Today

From Variety: At a moment when all industry planning seems keyed to a possible strike, talks between Hollywood's talent guilds and their employers are finally about start. The Writers Guild of America, studios and networks will launch Monday morning what are widely expected to be bitter negotiations at the Encino headquarters of the Alliance of […]

July 11, 2007

WGA Negotiating Committee Responds to AMPTP Media Briefing

    The Writers Guild of America has issued the following statement from John F. Bowman, chair of the WGA's 2007 Negotiating Committee, in response to today's AMPTP media briefing on upcoming contract negotiations: "The industry conglomerates declare windfall profits to Wall Street while pleading poverty to the talent community. Our proposals will be fair […]