1. THE SOPRANOSCreated by David Chase

"A mobster in therapy, having problems with his mother," was how The Sopranos initially sparked, according to creator David Chase, though he was thinking about the premise for a feature film…READ MORE

2. SEINFELDCreated by Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld

At the end of Seinfeld‘s run, Jerry Seinfeld commented that one of the more underrated aspects of his show was the number of its locations and sets, creating a sense of indoor-outdoor movement… READ MORE

3. THE TWILIGHT ZONESeason One writers: Charles Beaumont, Richard Matheson, Robert Presnell, Jr., Rod Serling

No show in the history of television has lingered in the imagination quite like Rod Serling’s anthology series… READ MORE

4. ALL IN THE FAMILYDeveloped for Television by Norman Lear, Based on Till Death Do Us Part, Created by Johnny Speight

Asked how he’d been able to be so controversial on All in the Family, creator Norman Lear said in 2009: "I don’t really know how to explain it…" READ MORE

5. M*A*S*HDeveloped for Television by Larry Gelbart

M*A*S*H remains the only long-running series, comedy or drama, set around a war zone… READ MORE

6. THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOWCreated by James L. Brooks and Allan Burns

The MTM brand, under Moore and then-husband Grant Tinker, was responsible for an iconic run of comedies (and dramas) in the 1970s, beginning with The Mary Tyler Moore ShowREAD MORE

7. MAD MENCreated by Matthew Weiner

Matt Weiner wrote the Mad Men pilot nearly a decade before it found a home as the first scripted drama at AMC, where the series debuted in the summer of 2007… READ MORE

8. CHEERSCreated by Glen Charles & Les Charles and James Burrows

The qualities that made The Mary Tyler Moore Show a seminal sitcom in the 1970s gave Cheers the same importance to the ’80s… READ MORE

9. THE WIRECreated by David Simon

No series, arguably, is more responsible for the novelistic ambitions possible for television writers now…READ MORE

10. THE WEST WINGCreated by Aaron Sorkin

"The people who get angry at us on one Wednesday night will be standing up and cheering the next Wednesday night," Aaron Sorkin wrote in Written By before The West Wing premiered…READ MORE

11. THE SIMPSONSCreated by Matt Groening, Developed by James L. Brooks and Matt Groening and Sam Simon

The Simpsons is as ineffable as American humor gets. Among the show’s landmarks (hitting 100 episodes, then 200, then 500)... READ MORE

12. I LOVE LUCY"Pilot," Written by Jess Oppenheimer & Madelyn Pugh & Bob Carroll, Jr.

Though the show won an Emmy as Best Comedy, the writers were never so honored… READ MORE

13. BREAKING BADCreated by Vince Gilligan

Creator Vince Gilligan said he was joking with Tom Schnauz that the two former X-Files writers might have to rent an RV and cook crystal meth if their stalled Hollywood careers didn’t turn around… READ MORE

14. THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOWCreated by Carl Reiner

Carl Reiner has said he based his first sitcom on his experiences as a writer on Your Show of Shows, working for temperamental star Sid Caesar while also trying to be a husband and father…READ MORE

15. HILL STREET BLUESCreated by Michael Kozoll and Steven Bochco

Low-rated in its infancy, Hill Street Blues broke as many TV storytelling rules as its ultimate success helped establish for cop shows…READ MORE

16. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENTCreated by Mitchell Hurwitz

Mitchell Hurwitz offered a glimpse into his take on the family sitcom when he spoke of his own parents’ refusal to "quietly disappear into their middle age…" READ MORE

17. THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWARTCreated by Madeleine Smithberg, Lizz Winstead; Season 1—Head Writer: Chris Kreski; Writers: Jim Earl, Daniel J. Goor, Charles Grandy, J.R. Havlan, Tom Johnson, Kent Jones, Paul Mercurio, Guy Nicolucci, Steve Rosenfield, Jon Stewart

It began as The Daily Show (hosted by Craig Kilborn) in 1996…READ MORE

18. SIX FEET UNDERCreated by Alan Ball

Alan Ball pushed dramatic television into uncharted territory with his series about the Fishers and their Los Angeles funeral home… READ MORE

19. TAXICreated by James L. Brooks and Stan Daniels and David Davis and Ed Weinberger

Post-Mary Tyler Moore Show, James L. Brooks, Stan Daniels, Ed Weinberger and David Davis left MTM, formed their own company… READ MORE

20. THE LARRY SANDERS SHOWCreated by Garry Shandling & Dennis Klein

Having lampooned himself – and sitcoms generally – on the meta It’s Garry Shandling’s Show, Shandling this time trained his comedic radar onto the fear and self-loathing backstage at a late-night talk show…READ MORE

21. 30 ROCKCreated by Tina Fey

Tina Fey’s canny take-off on her former life as head writer on Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock was initially viewed as "too inside" for a mass audience…READ MORE

22. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTSDeveloped for Television by Peter Berg, Inspired by the Book by H.G. Bissinger

Peter Berg wrote and directed the pilot of a show that was the second adaptation of H.G. Bissinger’s non-fiction narrative about the impact of high school football on the hearts, minds and lives…READ MORE

23. FRASIERCreated by David Angell & Peter Casey & David Lee, Based on the Character "Frasier Crane" Created by Glen Charles & Les Charles

The Grub Street Productions team of Casey-Angell-Lee furthered the work they’d done on Cheers by moving psychologist Frasier Crane from Boston to Seattle and giving him a radio call-in show… READ MORE

24. FRIENDSCreated by Marta Kauffman & David Crane

Co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane met in the theater program at Brandeis; by the time they created Friends, they had added a third partner, Kevin Bright…READ MORE

25. SATURDAY NIGHT LIVESeason One writers: Anne Beatts, Chevy Chase, Tom Davis, Al Franken, Lorne Michaels, Marilyn Suzanne Miller, Paul Mooney, Garrett Morris, Michael O’Donoghue, Herb Sargent, Tom Schiller, Rosie Shuster, Alan Zweibel

In his 2009 memoir, writer-performer Tom Davis conjures the small gang of writers standing outside Lorne Michaels’ office…READ MORE

26. THE X-FILESCreated by Chris Carter

Fox’s signature drama for most of the ’90s, The X-Files, created by Chris Carter, was one of primetime television’s all-time great hit science-fiction series, although to call it sci-fi requires qualifying…READ MORE

27. LOSTCreated by Jeffrey Lieber and J.J. Abrams & Damon Lindelof

A pastiche of genres – sci-fi, James Bond movies, action, adventure, thriller, even reality TV – co-mingled to intoxicating effect on Lost, which owed a debt to The Twilight ZoneREAD MORE

28. ERCreated by Michael Crichton

The show that launched George Clooney’s career had a 20-year gestation period between the time Michael Crichton first wrote the pilot in 1974 and John Wells guided it to the top of the ratings in the mid-1990s…READ MORE

29. THE COSBY SHOWCreated by Ed Weinberger & Michael Leeson and William Cosby, Jr., Ed. D.

Bill Cosby’s return to network television caused a new vogue for sitcoms based closely on the act of a stand-up comedian, a trend that dominated primetime into the ensuing decades…READ MORE

30. CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASMCreated by Larry David

Having co-created Jerry Seinfeld’s roman a clef of a sitcom, Larry David has turned himself inside out on CurbREAD MORE

31. THE HONEYMOONERS*Season One writers: Herbert Finn, Marvin Marx, A.J. Russell, Leonard Stern, Walter Stone, Sydney Zelinka

The standard by which all working-class sitcoms are still measured had a fitful beginning…READ MORE

32. DEADWOODCreated by David Milch

After a dozen years as the bard of NYPD Blue, David Milch’s first created series was a strange, brilliant and rococo Western set in a Gold Rush town in the Dakota territories, circa the late 1800s… READ MORE

33. STAR TREKCreated by Gene Roddenberry

As creator Gene Roddenberry wrote to science fiction author Isaac Asmiov two months after the first Star Trek series premiered in 1966: "Star Trek almost did not get on the air because it refused…" READ MORE

34. MODERN FAMILYCreated by Steven Levitan & Christopher Lloyd

The sweet spot on Modern Family, done as a mock documentary, is in exposing the growing pains for a culture confronting the fluid meaning of the mainstream family unit…READ MORE

35. TWIN PEAKS"Pilot," Written by Mark Frost & David Lynch

"When Blue Velvet Meets Hill Street Blues," read the New York Times headline in 1990, describing Twin Peaks… READ MORE

36. NYPD BLUECreated by David Milch & Steven Bochco

Steven Bochco made more creative elbow room on network television with NYPD Blue, which debuted amid "viewer discretion" hype before settling into what it was – one of the last important primetime cop series…READ MORE

37. THE CAROL BURNETT SHOWSeason One: Written by Bill Angelos, Stan Burns, Don Hinkley, Buz Kohan, Mike Marmer, Gail Parent, Kenny Solms, Saul Turtletaub; Writing Supervised by Arnie Rosen

The kind of beloved series that television executives abandoned long ago – comedy-variety, with an infectiously multi-talented comedian… READ MORE

38. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (2005)Developed by Ronald D. Moore, Based on the Series Battlestar Galactica, Created by Glen A. Larson

Having written for the series Star Trek: TNG and Star Trek: Voyager, Ronald Moore arrived at his remake of Battlestar Galactica determined… READ MORE

39. SEX AND THE CITYCreated by Darren Star, Based on the Book by Candace Bushnell

Is the show over? Because the movies aren’t. Creator Darren Star based his series on Candace Bushnell’s book, adapted itself from her columns in the New York ObserverREAD MORE

40. GAME OF THRONESCreated by David Benioff & D. B. Weiss, Based on A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin

Medieval (or thereabouts) fantasy is not a TV genre with a particularly exalted tradition, which is why Game of Thrones, in its lavish production values and depth of mythology, feels so unprecedented in television…READ MORE

41. THE BOB NEWHART SHOW – TIECreated by David Davis and Lorenzo Music

Talking about the success of The Bob Newhart Show on the podcast "Bullseye" recently, Newhart told a story about Jack Benny… READ MORE

YOUR SHOW OF SHOWS* – TIESeason One: Written by Mel Tolkin, Lucille Kallen, Max Liebman

If you journeyed from Vaudeville to Saturday Night Live, you’d want to stop awhile at Your Show of ShowsREAD MORE

43. DOWNTON ABBEY* – TIECreated by Julian Fellowes

Series creator Julian Fellowes’ lavish period piece is also a pace-driven soap opera, set on a spectacular estate out in the English countryside of Yorkshire, home of the aristocratic Crawleys and their staff…READ MORE

LAW & ORDER – TIECreated by Dick Wolf

The son of an advertising executive, Dick Wolf went into the ad business himself before moving into film and television…READ MORE

THIRTYSOMETHING – TIECreated by Marshall Herskovitz & Edward Zwick

Since this sensitive ensemble drama burst onto the scene at the end of the "greed is good" Ô80s, many have tried and just as many have failed to replicate a show aboutÉwell, ennui-riddled, upwardly mobile strivers… READ MORE

46. HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET – TIECreated by Paul Attanasio, Based on the Book Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets by David Simon

Homicide was based on the book Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets, written by David Simon from his time as a crime reporter…READ MORE

ST. ELSEWHERE – TIECreated by Joshua Brand & John Falsey, Developed by Mark Tinker/John Masius

Like other important shows from the 1980s MTM stable, St. Elsewhere, which twice won Emmys for its writing, featured a writing staff whose future series appear elsewhere on this list…READ MORE

48. HOMELANDDeveloped by Howard Gordon & Alex Gansa, Based on the Original Israeli Series Prisoners of War by Gideon Raff

Homeland is a more humanist and psychologically disturbing version of 24, a show on which co-creators Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa were writers…READ MORE

49. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYERCreated by Joss Whedon

Part of the fun, and influence, of Buffy was in the way it mixed and matched genres while maintaining the integrity of its comedy and its heart…READ MORE

50. THE COLBERT REPORT – TIESeason One writers: Mike Brumm, Stephen Colbert, Rich Dahm, Eric Drysdale, Peter Gwinn, Jay Katsir, Laura Krafft, Allison Silverman

"Anyone can read the news to you. I promise to feel the news at you." That was Stephen Colbert’s mantra when The Colbert Report debuted… READ MORE

THE GOOD WIFE – TIECreated by Robert King & Michelle King

Leading roles for women on TV don’t grow on trees, much less leading roles as layered as Alicia Florrick, played by Juliana Margulies…READ MORE

THE OFFICE (UK)* – TIECreated by Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant

Early on in the 2000s, the buzz began moving west across the Atlantic: There was this quirky and very funny faux-documentary comedy series out of England called The OfficeREAD MORE

53. NORTHERN EXPOSURECreated by Joshua Brand & John Falsey

The series’ classic fish-out-of-water premise involved Joel Fleischman, a New Yorker fresh out of Columbia Medical School who is sent to run a clinic in frigid, off-the-grid Cicely, Alaska…READ MORE

54. THE WONDER YEARSCreated by Neal Marlens & Carol Black

Created by Neal Marlens and Carol Black, this sweet, intelligent confection of a half-hour comedy functioned as a looking glass into a late ’60s suburban childhood… READ MORE

55. L.A. LAWCreated by Steven Bochco & Terry Louise Fisher

Over its eight seasons, L.A. Law racked up 15 Emmys in various categories (including two as outstanding drama)… READ MORE

56. SESAME STREETCreated by Joan Ganz Cooney

Simply put, the show’s continual inventiveness and impact as an educational tool – forged via the runaway popularity of the Muppets – changed the landscape of children’s television… READ MORE

57. COLUMBOCreated by Richard Levinson & William Link

As a writing team, Richard Levinson and William Link were an anomaly, given that they started writing together in junior high… READ MORE

58. FAWLTY TOWERS* – TIEWritten by John Cleese & Connie Booth

In a TV interview, John Cleese called Fawlty Towers "just little 30-minute farces that start very, very low-key and finish up absolutely frantic…" READ MORE

THE ROCKFORD FILES – TIECreated by Roy Huggins and Stephen J. Cannell

As smooth as Columbo was rumpled, private eye Jim Rockford, an ex-con, lived and worked out of a trailer at the beach in Santa Monica… READ MORE

60. FREAKS AND GEEKS – TIECreated by Paul Feig

The title itself was an ironic statement about the pejoratives that get attached to those kids who don’t quite buy into the aspirational idea of fitting in… READ MORE

MOONLIGHTING – TIECreated by Glenn Gordon Caron

Nominally a comedic detective series, the show’s originality came from the electrifying chemistry between stars Bruce Willis and Cybil Sherpherd… READ MORE

62. ROOTSWritten by William Blinn, M. Charles Cohen, Ernest Kinoy, James Lee; Based on the Book by Alex Haley

Roots, from executive producer David L. Wolper, and produced by Stan Margulies, was more than a miniseries… READ MORE

63. EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND – TIECreated by Philip Rosenthal

There was always something deceptively simple on display, in both its straightforward concept and skillful execution… READ MORE

SOUTH PARK* – TIECreated by Matt Stone & Trey Parker

From "The Spirit of Christmas," an animated holiday card made for Fox executive Brian Graden that got passed around Hollywood like comedy samizdat, to The Book of Mormon, no comedy writers… READ MORE

65. PLAYHOUSE 90Season One writers: Edna Anhalt, Edmund Beloin, Harold Jack Bloom, Marc Brandel, George Bruce, James P. Cavanagh, Whitfiled Cook, Helen Doss, Scott Fitzgerald, Devery Freeman, Frank Gilroy, Helen Howe, Speed Lamkin, Ernest Lehman, Herbert Little, Jr., Don Mankiewicz, Elick Moll, Paul Monash, Dean Reisner, Norman Retchin, Selma Robinson, William Sackheim, Rod Serling, Leonard Spigelgass, Leslie Stevens, Brandon Thomas, David Victor, Charles M. Warren, Hagar Wilde, Cornell Woolrich

"One cannot imagine the joy one had as a professional viewer…" READ MORE

66. DEXTER – TIEDeveloped for Television by James Manos, Jr., Based on the Novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

The movement toward dark characters on TV had grown dark enough to make possible a series, albeit on pay cable, about a Machiavellian serial killer whose targets are other serial killers… READ MORE

THE OFFICE (U.S.) – TIECreated by Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant, Developed by Greg Daniels, Based on the BBC Series The Office

Adapting the British comedy by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, Greg Daniels gathered around him writer-performers B.J. Novak, Mindy Kaling, and Paul Lieberstein… READ MORE

68. MY SO-CALLED LIFECreated by Winnie Holzman

"I cannot bring myself to eat a well-balanced meal in front of my mother. It just means too much to her," the searching teenager Angela, played by Claire Danes, says in voice-over in the pilot of My So-Called Life… READ MORE

69. THE GOLDEN GIRLSCreated by Susan Harris

The sitcom that stormed the gates of prevailing wisdom about TV and the over-50 set… READ MORE

70. THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOWEpisode 1, "The New Housekeeper," Written by Jack Elinson and Charles Stewart

Writing in the San Francisco Chronicle upon the death of Andy Griffith, David Wiegand pointed out that Sheriff Andy and the good folks of Mayberry, N.C., found wide appeal in primetime in an era…" READ MORE

71. 24 – TIECreated by Joel Surnow & Robert Cochran

Heading into its debut, the challenges facing this intriguing new thriller were narrative ones – namely, the ability to attract, and hold, a large audience through a story that unfolded by the hour, in weekly installments… READ MORE

ROSEANNE – TIECreated by Matt Williams, Based on a Character Created by Roseanne Barr

In 1985, on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, America met a comedian named Roseanne Barr… READ MORE

THE SHIELD – TIECreated by Shawn Ryan

You could argue that no series in the history of television left a greater imprint on its network than The Shield, which enabled FX to branch out into grittier, R-rated dramatic fare while also keeping its dignity intact… READ MORE

74. HOUSE – TIECreated by David Shore

Creator David Shore’s series came along a decade after ER and gave the medical drama a jolt, basing a show on a physician who didn’t have a God complex so much as a complex that was vociferously godless… READ MORE

MURPHY BROWN – TIECreated by Diane English

Series creator Diane English left after four popular and award-winning seasons to create new shows, just as Murphy Brown’s decision to become a single mother was blasted as morally irresponsible… READ MORE

76. BARNEY MILLER – TIECreated by Danny Arnold & Theodore J. Flicker

The air of world-weary sadness that hung over the denizens of the 12th Precinct made Barney Miller feel different from other sitcoms, quieter in personality and more off-beat… READ MORE

I, CLAUDIUS* – TIEWritten by Robert Graves and Jack Pulman

ÔTwas the year of the miniseries: In January of 1977 Roots premiered on ABC; in March the network’s scandalous hit Rich Man, Poor Man concluded, and in November, public television’s Masterpiece TheaterREAD MORE

78. THE ODD COUPLEEpisode 1, "The Fight of the Felix," Written by Peggy Elliott & Ed Scharlach

Neil Simon’s hit Broadway play was directed by Mike Nichols and starred Walter Matthau and Art Carney… READ MORE

79. ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS – TIESeason One writers: Gwen Bagni, Samuel Blas, Robert Blees, Ray Bradbury, Richard Carr, James Cavanagh, Eustace Cockrell, Francis Cockrell, Marian Cockrell, John Collier, Robert C. Dennis, Mel Dinelli, Stanley Ellin, Fred Freiberger, Irwin Gielgud, Gina Kaus, Terence Maples, Richard Pedicini, Louis Pollock, Joseph Ruscoll, A.J. Russell, Stirling Silliphant, Andrew Solt, Harold Swanton, Victor Wolfson, Cornell Woolrich

Some of Hitchcock’s most memorable films came out while he was hosting his anthology TV series… READ MORE

MONTY PYTHON’S FLYING CIRCUS* – TIEConceived and Written by Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Neil Innes, Terry Jones, Michael Palin

Greatest comedy in the history of television? You wouldn’t get an argument in some quarters… READ MORE

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION – TIECreated by Gene Roddenberry

For his follow-up to a sci-fi series phenomenon roughly the size of the cosmos, Gene Roddenberry wanted to demonstrate, as he put it in a 1991 Los Angeles Times Magazine article, "that TV need not be violent…" READ MORE

UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS* – TIECreated by Jean Marsh and Eileen Atkins

Long before the sotto voce buzz and chatter at Edwardian era Downton Abbey, there was 165 Eaton Place, London, and the Bellamy family… READ MORE

83. GET SMART"Pilot," Written by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry

Not having seen Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove – or Woody Allen in What’s Up, Tiger Lily, for that matter – I didn’t read Get Smart as a take-off on Cold War-esque, mutually assured destruction; I’m just now realizing the C.O.N.T.R.O.L. v. K.A.O.S. dichotomy… READ MORE

84. THE DEFENDERS – TIECreated by Reginald Rose

Reginald Rose won two Emmys for his writing on The Defenders, which continued in the vein of the work for which he was most known for writing, Twelve Angry Men… READ MORE

GUNSMOKE – TIEEpisode 1, "Matt Gets It," Written by Charles Marquis Warren & John Meston

Already a hit on radio starring William Conrad as Marshall Matt Dillon, Gunsmoke, starring James Arness, became the most popular Western in TV history and one of the longest running shows ever… READ MORE

86. JUSTIFIED – TIEDeveloped by Television by Graham Yost, Based on the Short Story "Fire in the Hole" by Elmore Leonard

Graham Yost, after working on two major miniseries for HBO, Band of Brothers and The Pacific, segued into something entirely different in Justified… READ MORE


In a New York Times article in 1996, when the movie version of Sgt. Bilko was to be released, David Everitt, author of the book King of the Half Hour: Nat Hiken and the Golden Age of TV Comedy, paid homage… READ MORE

88. BAND OF BROTHERSWritten by Erik Bork, E. Max Frye, Tom Hanks, Erik Jendresen, Bruce C. McKenna, John Orloff, Graham Yost; Based on the Book by Stephan E. Ambrose

The television miniseries had traditionally gone to war, but Band of Brothers did so with a budget that reportedly stretched to $120 million… READ MORE

89. ROWAN & MARTIN’S LAUGH-INSeason One: Written by Chris Beard, Phil Hahn, John Hanrahan, Coslough Johnson, Paul Keyes, Marc London, Allan Manings, David Panich, Hugh Wedlock, Digby Wolfe

Unlike other landmark comedy variety series, most notably Saturday Night Live, it’s impossible to talk about Laugh-In without viewing it… READ MORE

90. THE PRISONER*Premiere Episode: Written by George Markstein and David Tomblin

A strange, psychedelic amalgam of Cold War spy fiction, sci-fi and Kafka-esque anti-authoritarianism, The Prisoner starred Patrick McGoohan as Number Six… READ MORE

91. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS (U.K.)* – TIEEpisode 1, "Fashion," Written by Jennifer Saunders, Based on an original idea by Jennifer Saunders & Dawn French

Jennifer Saunders was already known in England as part of the comedy double act French and Saunders when she created "Ab Fab," which featured the besotted exploits of middle-aged gal pals… READ MORE

THE MUPPET SHOW – TIESeason One: Written by Jack Burns, Jim Henson, Jerry Juhl, Marc London

Behind Jim Henson’s genius and generosity of spirit were writers who shared his vision for puppetry that could tickle kids while delighting adults… READ MORE

93. BOARDWALK EMPIRECreated by Terence Winter, Based on the Book Boardwalk Empire by Nelson Johnson

As a writer on The Sopranos, Terence Winter’s name is on some of the show’s most iconic episodes, including "Pine Barrens," and "Long Term Parking," in which a mobster’s fiancŽ was taken out… READ MORE

94. WILL & GRACECreated by David Kohan & Max Mutchnick

The season prior to Will & Grace’s debut had seen TV history, when Ellen Degeneres’ sitcom alter ego came out as a lesbian in a two-part episode of ABC’s Ellen... READ MORE

95. FAMILY TIESCreated by Gary David Goldberg

In 1986, The Washington Post reported that at a White House ceremony honoring 141 high school students selected as presidential scholars for achievement in academics, the arts and leadership, President Reagan called Family Ties… READ MORE

96. LONESOME DOVE – TIETeleplay by Bill Wittliff, Based on the Novel Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry

"It was so big, and at that moment, Westerns were dead," Bill Wittliff, who adapted Larry McMurtry’s novel into the acclaimed miniseries, told the San Antonio Express-News in 2007… READ MORE

SOAP – TIECreated by Susan Harris

What more could you want from a primetime satire of daytime soaps? The comedy, centered around the extended family circus of the wealthy Tates and the middle-class Campbells, hit all the soapy plot points… READ MORE

98. THE FUGITIVE – TIEEpisode 1, "Where the Action Is," Written by Harry Kronman

The series finale set a ratings record with a 72 percent share, and went down as history-making for the way it gave audiences a climax to all the tension it had built up over four seasons… READ MORE

LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN – TIESeason One: Writing Supervised by Merrill Markoe, Writers: Andy Breckman, Tom Gammill, David Letterman, Richard Morris, Gerard Mulligan, Max Pross, Karl Tiedemann, Steve Winer

The sort of irony that David Letterman popularized on his show involved, for starters, calling attention to the fact that he was doing a talk show… READ MORE

LOUIE – TIESeason One: Written and Directed by Louis C.K.

The show, about a bemused comedian and divorced father of two girls, has the feel of honest autobiography. READ MORE

101. OZCreated by Tom Fontana

Before The Sopranos, or The Wire, there was Oz, the first dramatic series produced by HBO (HBO had produced comedies, including The Larry Sanders Show, but not a drama)… READ MORE

*Non-WGA determined credit