Non-Fiction Caucus

The WGAE Non-Fiction Caucus is comprised of the creative professionals who produce non-fiction television in New York. Caucus affiliates hold many different titles and work for many different companies, as freelancers and staff members. The caucus serves those new to the non-fiction industry, as well as veterans, concerned with the increasingly difficulty of maintaining a sustainable career in the industry.

The main focus of the caucus is Non-Fiction TV Writers and Producers United, a movement by and for writers and producers. We include anyone performing storytelling duties on a non-fiction/reality TV show such as, producers, writers, field producers, story producers, post producers, and associate producers.

Note: the actual work you perform determines your eligibility to be covered by the contract—not necessarily the job title you’ve been given.

If you have any questions about the Non-Fiction TV Caucus and would like to speak to an organizer confidentially, please email

Visit for more information.