Services for Writers

The Studio System is the entertainment industry’s most comprehensive and accurate film and television database. The system combines market-leading intelligence with a sophisticated user interface that allows for the easy manipulation of data to fit each subscriber’s needs. The service is backed by Baseline’s customer service team which constantly interacts with subscribers to service research requests and offer usage tutorials. With thousands of updates published daily, the Studio System represents the gold standard of professional-grade film and television information.

Baseline is pleased to offer Writers Guild of America, East members a 50% discount on a subscription to the Studio System. The offer is for new customers only and certain restrictions apply.  For more information or to request a trial of the service, please contact a Studio System sales representative at (310) 482-3444 or by emailing

The mission of is threefold:

  • Help the producer easily find a good script
  • Save time for the agent and manager in locating the right people for their clients’ scripts, or new clients
  • Greatly increase exposure for the screenwriter

InkTip was born in 2000 after witnessing the difficulties associates and friends in the industry have had in getting exposure for their works, let alone getting their scripts sold.