(April 21) Web TV Workshop w/ Damien Pelliccione

The Writers Guild of America, East

invites you to attend

Creating Sustainable, Marketable, Profitable Video Content For The Web
With Damien Pelliccione

Tuesday, April 21, 6-9pm

Writers Guild of America, East
250 Hudson Street, Suite 700, NYC

Now, more than ever, creatives have an opportunity to develop, market and monetize content on the web.

On April 21st, the WGAE will host a workshop with Damien Pelliccione of Make.tv on emerging trends in creating video content for the web. The workshop will cover the full scope of opportunities presented by YouTube, Vimeo, set top boxes, smart phones, tablet devices and new distribution platforms, from building multi-channel networks to growing online communities to developing an audience that can be leveraged for future work opportunities

Pelliccione is head of North American business development for Make.tv, a software platform for multi-camera live streaming. He is also a member of the Producers Guild of America New Media Council, the Screen Actors Guild LGBT National Committee and the Emmy’s Interactive Peer Group. You can follow Damian on Twitter/Instagram at @DamianMedia and @BoysInTech