(Sept 15) Introduction to the Black List with Franklin Leonard

The Writers Guild of America, East and the WGAE Diversity Committee presents

With Franklin Leonard, Founder of The Black List

Monday, September 15, 6:30pm ET

Writers Guild of America, East
250 Hudson Street, Suite 700, NY, NY


The Writers Guild of America, East welcomes Black List founder Franklin Leonard to talk about its online service and its expansion into television and episodic writing.

Described by Wired magazine as “a blind, legitimate, merit-based gatekeeper that exposes deserving scripts to eyes that are actually hungry for fresh fresh voices and new content,” the Black List has led to over 20,000 downloads of previously unrepresented screenplays by industry professionals and dozens of script options, sales, and signings by major agencies and management companies.  They are partnered with, among others, Warner Bros, The Walt Disney Company, Fox Broadcasting Company, Producer Cassian Elwes, and the National Football League to create opportunities for writers that previously didn’t exist.

Leonard will answer any and all questions you may have about what it is, why members of the WGAE can (and should) list their scripts its database for FREE and access its paid services at a discount, and how writers can best take advantage of it to further expose their work and advance their careers with or without representation.