Officers include the President, Secretary-Treasurer, and one Vice President from each of the three sectors.
All voting-eligible members may vote for President and Secretary-Treasurer. Members may vote only for Vice President candidates within their own work sector.


There is one (1) candidate for President.


There is one (1) candidate for Secretary-Treasurer. (i) denotes incumbent.

Film/TV/Streaming Sector

Film/TV/Streaming members work in screen, television and new media. Only members who belong to the FTS sector may vote for FTS sector candidates.

Online Media Sector

Online Media members work in digital news shops. Only members who belong to the Online Media sector may vote for Online Media candidates.

Council Seats

There are four (4) candidates for the three (3) open Council seats in the Online Media sector. The order of candidates' names is determined by lot. (i) denotes incumbent.