Why Organize

When writers decide to work together–or organize–they have the leverage they need to improve their working lives. Guild-covered jobs at movie studios, broadcast news shows, late night shows, and so on, didn’t become Guild-covered jobs by sheer luck. Generations of writers worked together to win and maintain strong Guild contracts. You may be able to do the same through a strategic campaign with the support of our Guild’s Organizing Department. For more information, contact the Organizing Department at 212-767-7808 or .

Writers on non-Guild projects are too often denied any benefits such as:

Writers who work under WGA contracts receive these benefits and more because they are members of a strong union. The Writers Guild of America, East, has gained the respect of the industry and the support of the general public by fighting for and achieving strong, fair union contracts.

By becoming a Guild member you are joining a community of professional writers working in television, film, broadcast news, and digital media platforms. Our membership also includes graphic artists, researchers, and desk assistants of certain radio and television news organizations. For more information on who we represent, visit our Jurisdiction page.

Without a union, an employer can pay you anything they want, as long as it’s at least the minimum wage. They can require you to attend “brainstorming” sessions or write multiple “drafts” of a script for free. They don’t have to provide health care or retirement benefits. They can require you to work 20 hours in a row. They can give their friends writing credits while you, the actual writer, remain invisible. If you’re working non-union right now, you know how true this is.

When you organize and win a contract, you not only improve your own life, but you help all writers by making the union stronger.

Contact the WGAE Organizing Department at 212-767-7808 or to find out if a strategic organizing campaign could work for you.