Caucuses: An Overview

What are Caucuses?

Our caucuses are network communities which promote and encourage the professional and artistic interests of writers working in existing and emerging fields of entertainment and news media, including indie film, new media, and animation.

If you work in non-fiction television or online media, we encourage you to learn more about the Guild’s Organizing work in those areas.

Caucuses are comprised of both members and non-members of the Guild. Caucuses serve as the device through which the Guild observes shifts and trends in the industry and their impact on professional writers.

Caucuses also give non-members and members alike the opportunity to establish and foster important professional relationships, educate themselves on industry-specific issues, and develop vital creative and entrepreneurial skills alongside a community of their peers.

New caucus members are welcomed quarterly by invitation. To be considered, please complete the WGAE Caucus Application (external – opens in a new window).

In which fields do the Caucuses operate?

  • Indie film
  • New Media
  • Animation
  • Documentary

Caucus Membership

Benefits to Membership

Association with the WGAE caucuses offers:

  • Connection with leading, peer professional writers
  • Access to resources that further the career development of professional writers
  • Guidance on contractual issues and advice on pursuing the business of media as professional writers
  • Awareness of industry news as it relates to professional writers
  • Invitations to select member events of WGA East
  • Eligibility for the WGAE/SAG-AFTRA Film Society membership (for members of the Indie Film Caucus)
  • Pathway to membership in the WGA East, as permissible by Guild contracts

A note on WGAE Membership for Indie Film and New Media Caucus Members:

When a participant of the Indie Film Caucus or the Web Series/New Media Caucus has a project of a sizable budget, the WGA East Caucus manager will flag for them the benefits of WGAE membership. If you are making an independent film with a budget of $1.2M or less, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Low Budget Agreement.

Through our caucuses, the WGA protects the ability of professional writers to pursue their craft as a sustainable career, all while fostering and expanding a strong community of creative peers.

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