WGAE Financial Core List

Below is a list of writers who over the years have chosen to resign their membership in the WGAE to become “financial core” non-members.

By their action, they have chosen to take advantage of the benefits of the WGA contract, won through the sacrifices of Guild members across generations, while avoiding the corresponding obligations. Most fundamentally, these writers have chosen to shirk the responsibilities of following working rules and strike rules that are necessary for a union to bring collective action to bear for the benefit of the entire membership.

Fi-core writers forfeit the right to participate in the rich democratic life of this Guild: can’t vote in our elections, contract ratifications, or strike authorizations; run for Guild office; attend Guild meetings and other events; or participate in the Writers Guild Awards. In the past, some of these writers have asked to rejoin the WGA after a strike or other conflict was resolved. The Council’s policy has long been to deny these requests. If members feel they can choose fi-core status and then return, there is less incentive to stay part of the Guild membership when the going gets tough.

Fi-core is forever.

The remarkable fact is how small the list is. The Guild is known for its solidarity—during strikes, organizing and agency campaigns, and enforcement battles. Solidarity does not mean unity in thought, but it does require adherence to democratic process and the unity in action necessary to keep the union strong.

WGAE Fi-core List

Priscilla Alden
Jon Robin Baitz
James Brown
Michael Conforti III
Victor Gialanella
Josh Griffith
Mitchell Kriegman
Daran Little
Frances Myers Newman
Tyler Perry
Pete Rich
Josh Selig
Garry Trudeau

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