Fundamentals of Screenwriting, Part 22

The twenty-second installment of the Fundamentals of Screenwriting Series with Timothy Michael Cooper

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Monday June 7, 2021 5:00 pm

via Zoom


The Climax: Write an Unforgettable Act 3

It all leads to this: the final act of your pilot or feature.

Your climactic endgame needs to feel both surprising and inevitable—which is why it can be so crazy-tough to master. We’ll go over some of the best Act 3s ever written, including all of their shocking twists, turns, showdowns, devastating losses, and uplifting triumphs—to better understand how to design your own surprising, cohesive, and satisfying final act. Make your finale the talk of the town!

Timothy Michael Cooper is an award-winning filmmaker, comedy writer, and script consultant. He wrote and directed the Writers Guild Award-nominated Concierge: The Series, starring Kate McKinnon. His short comedy Lemon premiered at Tribeca, played at dozens of international festivals and on United Airlines, and is currently in development as a sitcom. Plus, he’s been part of the writers’ room for the Writers Guild Awards for the past six years, writing monologue jokes and sketches for numerous hosts/presenters.

Through his company, Blueprint Screenwriting Group, he’s taught hundreds of writers. His clients and students have sold their scripts to major studios; staffed on multiple network and cable TV shows; screened/won at SXSW, Sundance, Tribeca, Cannes, etc.; and got their movies and shows made across the globe.

Timothy is a proud member of the WGAE, the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective Writers’ Workshop, the Hollywood Radio & Television Society, and the WGAE Softball Team.

About The Fundamentals of Screenwriting Series

The Fundamentals of Screenwriting with Timothy Michael Cooper is a WGA East seminar series that aims to live up to its name – to teach the fundamentals for screenwriters that need a refresher or journalists and other screenwriting novices looking to learn for the first time.

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