Fundamentals of Screenwriting: Write Your Pilot

The latest installment of the Fundamentals of Screenwriting Series with Timothy Michael Cooper

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Monday July 1, 2024 5:00 pm

via Zoom


Write Your Pilot!

Few script formats are as difficult to pull off as writing an outstanding pilot. You must introduce a cast of fresh characters, a series-worthy mission, a consistent format for each episode, and an exciting mystery — all within less than half the page count of a feature. We’ll break down the process into bite-size, feasible mini-projects — giving you all the tools you need to build a show everyone will want to buy and binge!

Timothy Michael Cooper is an award-winning filmmaker, comedy writer, and script consultant. He wrote and directed the Writers Guild Award-nominated Concierge: The Series, starring Kate McKinnon. His short comedy Lemon premiered at Tribeca, played at dozens of international festivals and on United Airlines, and is currently in TV development. As a longtime member of the writers’ room for the Writers Guild Awards, he’s written monologue jokes, desk pieces, and sketches for countless hosts and presenters.

He’s also the writer-director of the upcoming sci-fi comedy Knead. And he’s the creator of 365 Short Stories, where he published a new high-concept short story every single day last year.

Through his company, Blueprint Screenwriting Group, he’s taught hundreds of screenwriters and novelists. His clients have sold their scripts to major studios; staffed on multiple network, streaming, and cable shows; screened/won at SXSW, Sundance, Tribeca, Cannes, etc.; and had their movies and shows made across the globe.

Timothy is a proud member of the WGAE, the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective, the Hollywood Radio & Television Society, and the WGAE Softball Team.

About The Fundamentals of Screenwriting Series

The Fundamentals of Screenwriting with Timothy Michael Cooper is a WGA East seminar series that aims to live up to its name – to teach the fundamentals for screenwriters that need a refresher or journalists and other screenwriting novices looking to learn for the first time.

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