Strategies to Successfully Navigate Conflict

with Jim Arnoff

Event Details

Thursday January 26, 2023 12:30 pm

via Zoom


Creating the Win/Win

Never quite had the courage to initiate and navigate those difficult conversations around a conflict with your co-writer, producer, agent, manager, lawyer, collaborator? Does the fear of losing the relationship, being disliked or uncertainty about how to do it gracefully get in your way of claiming your authentic voice in a conflict?

This interactive, immersive workshop with Career Coach/Talent Agent Consultant/WGA Workshop Facilitator Jim Arnoff will give you the insider’s take on what it takes to start that tough conversation, maintain the courage throughout and come out with a powerful result where everyone wins. It’s all about confidence, trust, authenticity and knowing that negotiating conflict is really about creating a stronger, more powerful relationship. This workshop will give you the specific coaching tools to frame the conversation, choose empowering words, listen in a more empathetic way and come away with a deeper respect for each other.

Jim Arnoff is an entertainment lawyer and Certified Life/Career Coach to the entertainment industry. He leads workshops for the Producers Guild, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, HBO, TimeWarner, New York Women in Film & Television, Time, Inc., MTV Networks and NYU/Stern, Steinhardt, Tisch, Tandon and Wagner. Jim is a faculty member of the School of Visual Arts, FIT and NYU. He is a member of the New York City, New York State and LGBT (LeGal) Bar Associations.

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