WGA Platform + Find A Writer Demonstration

Event Details

Thursday October 21, 2021 12:30 pm

via Zoom


Presented by WGAE Director of Communications Jason Gordon and WGAW Online Services & WGA Platform Administrator Lori Hitner.

The WGA Platform and Find A Writer are Guild resources designed to help feature, streaming, and television writers find job opportunities. The Platform includes Open Writing Assignments, Staffing Submission System, Request General Meetings, Interactive Pilot Listings, Literary Representation, Weekly Feature Memo, TV Development Memo and more.

Join WGAE Director of Communications Jason Gordon and WGAW Online Services & WGA Platform Administrator Lori Hitner as they provide an overview of the Platform – which has had a lot of changes since it initially launched in 2019 – and demonstrate effective ways to get the most out of your user experience.

As you work through the features of the Platform, please make sure to use the new Profile Manager to update your attributes related to work experience, availability, samples and references. Further, we strongly encourage you to update your contact and demographic information for the platform, which includes important details like your preferred name and your agent or manager contact information.

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