Online Media Contracts

Online Media contracts cover members whose work is distributed in a digital-first model, and who all tend to work in one location, or “shop.”

The terms of each CBA are specific to the company and employees to which they apply, and are negotiated by a negotiating committee comprised of staff unit members. Online Media sector contracts cover a range of titles that vary from shop to shop, and often include (but aren’t limited to): Writers, Reporters, Editors, Copy Editors, Video Producers, Animators, Social Media Producers, and Graphic Designers.

The Guild also negotiates contracts that cover members working in broadcast/cable/streaming news.

Online Media Contracts

Click on the link next to each shop’s name to download their collective bargaining agreement.

To find a CBA for one of our broadcast/cable/streaming news shops, visit Broadcast/Cable/Streaming News Contracts.

Organizing Staff Unions

To find information about our work organizing staff unions at online media companies, nonfiction television, or the podcast industry—and to find updates on contract negotiations—visit Organizing.

If you work in Broadcast/Cable/Streaming News, Online Media, or another industry in the Guild’s jurisdiction, and your workplace is not protected by a union contact, please reach out to the Guild’s Organizing department to learn more about forming a staff union at your workplace.

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