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Wednesday April 24, 2024

iHeart Podcast Union Files ULP Against iHeartMedia

NEW YORK and GEORGIA (April 24, 2024) – Writers Guild of America East (WGAE) members at iHeart Podcast Network filed an Unfair Labor Charge against management at iHeartMedia for “intimidating conduct and by interrogating employees about their support for the union.”

The 110-member iHeart Podcast Union issued the following statement regarding the ULP:

“The iHeart Podcast Union began organizing in 2021, and in 2022, our union won voluntary recognition from iHeartMedia. At the time, we took this as a sign of management’s intention to work towards a common goal of improving our workplace. Now, in 2024, two years into bargaining for our first contract — and two years into insultingly low salary and benefits proposals, disagreements over basic union provisions such as just cause and guaranteed minimum severance — our union cannot ignore management’s unfair labor practices, particularly those that are intended to intimidate union members from exercising their guaranteed federal rights. 

“Since March, members of our union have been attempting to use flyers to inform colleagues of our ongoing bargaining process and our rights as unionized workers. Union members have used break times to distribute union literature, which is a federally protected right. When we have posted flyers about the union, management has removed these materials within the day, often within minutes. This includes when we have left flyers in non-work areas like the break room, during break times from work, which is a protected activity under federal law. Union members have received emails discouraging this activity, pointing out company policies about distributing literature in working areas, without acknowledging our federally protected right to discuss our working conditions or to distribute information about our union to our colleagues. Non-bargaining-unit employees and managers have used common work areas to openly disparage our union literature and efforts to inform unit members.

“The iHeart Podcast Union is dismayed by the lack of respect we have received from management in the over two years since our union won recognition, but we remain determined to exercise our rights and to stand together against pressure to cease public discussion of our union. We understand management’s actions to be an attempt to push our members to capitulate to poor pay and benefits, and we strongly condemn the company’s attempt to silence and intimidate the union. Under federal labor law, the union has a right to distribute union literature, and the company has a responsibility to treat union members respectfully as equal bargaining partners. And as a union, we intend to hold our employer accountable to the standard set by the law.”

In addition to the iHeart Podcast Network, the WGAE represents workers at podcast production companies Crooked Media, Pineapple Street Media, Pushkin Industries, The Ringer and Spotify Studios (formerly Gimlet and Parcast). 



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