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By: Caroline Waxler

Caroline was joined by writer and director Alex Ross Perry to discuss his upcoming film HER SMELL (which is in theaters on Friday, April 12), their shared Philly roots, his Kim’s Video alum-heavy list of frequent collaborators and much more.

HER SMELL follows ’90s punk rock superstar Becky Something as she grapples with motherhood, exhausted bandmates, nervous record company executives, and a new generation of rising talent eager to usurp her stardom – and eventually must retreat from the spotlight to try to recapture the creative inspiration that led her band to success.

Alex’s career kicked off with the 2009 feature film IMPOLEX – an absurdist comedy inspired by Thomas Pynchon’s novel Gravity’s Rainbow. Since then, he has written seven other features – five of which he also directed – including indies like THE COLOR WHEEL and QUEEN OF EARTH, as well as the 2018 Disney film CHRISTOPHER ROBIN.

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