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First Contract

Talking Points Memo’s editorial staff unanimously ratified its first collective bargaining agreement with the WGA East on May 20, 2019.
The three-year agreement includes a minimum starting salary of $52,000, annual “cost of living” wage increases of 3% for employees earning under $75,000, intellectual property rights, weekend pay & reimbursements, 10 weeks of paid parental leave, an iron clad non-discrimination clause, a commitment to diverse hiring practices, cell phone reimbursements, successor clause, layoff and severance packages, just cause and union security.
Read more about the agreement here.


The Talking Points Memo staff union with the WGA East was voluntarily recognized by management on May 10, 2018.

Why We’re Organizing

The Talking Points Memo editorial staff has unanimously decided to form a union under the Writers Guild of America, East. TPM’s editor and publisher Josh Marshall has already voluntarily agreed to recognize our union, and we are thrilled that management agreed so quickly to work with us.
We all love TPM and appreciate the freedom that comes from working at a small, independent media company. We also really appreciate the huge strides TPM has made in recent years to make our office a great place to work.
That said, we believe unionizing is important both for us as employees and for TPM as an organization. As TPM continues to grow as a publication, we want a seat at the table to help determine the company’s future.
Our effort to unionize is driven by the desire to make TPM even better. We see ourselves as part of the broader unionization movement across digital news media—an industry wracked by the constant disruption that Josh Marshall has written about extensively and many of our employees have experienced firsthand. Unions are becoming standard across online publications, particularly progressive ones, and it’s important to us to stand in solidarity with that movement. We’ve also seen the benefits and protections that come with unionizing, and we’re hopeful that forming a union will make TPM an even stronger digital media company.
We’re excited to work with management on the next steps in this process. Josh Marshall’s statement is below:
‘This morning TPM editorial staffers in New York and Washington DC contacted me to let me know that they’d agreed unanimously to form a union and asked me to voluntarily recognize their decision. I replied that I was happy to do so. Our representative has already reached out to the WGA to make that agreement a reality.
‘TPM is an independent, ambitious, outsider news organization. We have always strived to espouse and embody a belief in creating a society that is more equitable, just, humane and free. I believe this morning’s decision is consistent with those values and that history. I look forward to working together with the TPM Union to build on what we’ve already created together.’”

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