WGAE represents a range of professional writers. Our members are the creators of much of what is seen on television and in film, as well as a growing number of web series.

2.    Staff news contracts or collective bargaining agreements
(tend to be workplaces where members all work in one location or “shop”)
Staff news positions include but are not limited to:
•    Assignment Editors
•    Assistant Producers
•    Associate Producers
•    Digital News Writers
•    Graphic Artists
•    News Desk Assistants
•    News Desk Associates
•    News Editors
•    Newswriters
•    On-air Promotion Writers
•    Production Assistants
•    Reporters
•    Researchers
•    Service Aides

Some of our members are also “hyphenates,” who take on a number of different roles. These include writer-directors, writer-producers, and writer-director-producers. A few of our members, mostly in the digital realm, own their own independent production companies, which are signatory to the MBA. Once their production company becomes a signatory, the digital media writer joins the Guild as a member.