Showrunner Basic Training

The WGAE is excited to announce the 2024 Showrunner Basic Training (SBT).

WGAE Showrunner Basic Training is an industry training program designed to support supervising producers, executive producers, and new show creators in honing the skills necessary to become successful showrunners and leaders in today’s television industry. This program will provide invaluable instruction from current showrunners and other industry professionals on such topics as hiring; understanding the MBA; prioritizing equity and inclusion; fostering a functional workplace culture; and managing relationships with writers, executives, actors, and more.


We are thrilled to bring back our co-emcees of the 2021 Program, Diana Son (AMERICAN CRIME, 13 REASONS WHY) and Frank Pugliese (HOUSE OF CARDS, THE ANGEL OF DARKNESS).

These two experienced showrunners will lead the program alongside dozens of guest speakers with a variety of specialties. The second annual academy will begin in Fall 2024 with a cohort of no more than 30 participants and will be hosted virtually.

The program is open to all WGA members, regardless of where they are currently based. The deadline to submit is Tuesday, July 23rd 2024 by 5PM EST.

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