A writer’s position in the motion picture or television industry is determined largely by his or her credits. The writer’s salary status depends on the quality and number of screenplays, teleplays, or stories bearing his or her name.

The administration of an accurate and equitable system of determining credit is therefore one of the most specific economic services the Guild performs for its members. The Guild administers the credits arbitration process though a confidential system dictated by the Screen Credits Manual or the Television Credits Manual.

To help you understand how the system works we have created a Credits Survival Guide that explains the process established in both manuals and how to navigate it.

The Guild is asked hundreds of times a year to assist in the resolution of credit controversies. Our involvement in the credits process protects members from embarrassing personal conflicts and insures the validity of the credit records. Our guiding principle on credit arbitration is that writing credits should be a true and accurate statement of authorship.

Visit the Credits Survival Guide for an overview.

The Screen Credits Manual outlines how credits are administered for films.

The Television Credits Manual outlines how credits are administered for television.

Below are blank Notice of Tentative Writing Credit agreements for Screen, Television and New Media:


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