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Friday January 13, 2023

Statement on MSNBC Layoffs

NEW YORK, NY (January 13, 2023) – The following is a statement from the MSNBC Union represented by the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE) regarding layoffs at MSNBC:

Yesterday, thirty MSNBC employees in our bargaining unit were laid off. As the union representatives on the MSNBC Union Bargaining Committee, representing approximately 300 employees organized with the Writers Guild of America, East, we are extremely frustrated and disappointed by NBC’s decisions. This not only negatively impacts the individuals laid off, but every member of our unit and the shows we put on air.

The layoffs highlight our need for a fair union contract that locks in meaningful severance and other protections, and that addresses the inevitable impact on workload. Staff reductions mean greater workloads, longer hours, and longer workweeks. We have spent over a year in bargaining with NBC management discussing reasonable proposals to enable people to do great work without suffering from overwork and burnout – and to have a livable work/life balance.

These layoffs were executed without advance notice to our union, and in such a manner that many colleagues spent the day worried, wondering if their team would be next.

We urge NBC management to retain as many employees as possible in other jobs at the company, and to agree to a fair contract that addresses these workload and work/life issues and provides livable wages and other critical protections.


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