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Why do you need my contact information?

Article XIII of the WGA East Constitution & Bylaws requires that members maintain up-to-date contact information with the Guild. We require this information so that the Guild can send notices about council elections, special membership meetings, membership votes, and other legally required communications to all members.

Why does the Guild need an email address for every contact?

The vast majority of our communications to members are sent via individual e-mails or via mass emails (“e-blasts”) and are often time-sensitive. Since Guild members live across the world—and many maintain more than one residence—sending communications digitally is almost always the best way for us to ensure that information reaches the correct person (and does so quickly). For this reason, it’s important for us to have at least one e-mail address on file for each member.

Why can I only opt-out of Email Subscriptions, and not any other mailing lists?

The Guild is required by law and under the terms of the union’s constitution to send certain notices and updates to all members. These include notices about council elections, special membership meetings, membership votes, and other official Guild business. Because these materials are legally required, you cannot opt-out of receiving them.

Additionally, we require a current address in order to send you information about dues declarations and residuals.*

Certain communications from the Guild – Event invitations, calls-to-action, newsletters, OnWriting recaps, etc. – are not legally required. You can opt-in to and opt-out from each of these types of correspondence individually, or you can opt-out of non-required emails altogether.

*If you are a Staff News member and your dues are deducted from your paycheck, and/or if you do not receive residuals, our system still requires you to select a contact for these fields when editing your preferences.

I already updated my contact information with a Guild staff member directly. Why don’t I see that information on My Addresses?

As a security measure, the My Addresses system is not directly linked to any records that contain information about member finances or other sensitive matters. The contact information you have on file with the Guild hasn’t been changed or removed. However, even if you have recently updated your information, we encourage you to add your contact information on the My Addresses page as well. This ensures that Guild members can keep their information (and their contact preferences) up-to-date without any compromises to our data security standards.

I don’t have an online account. How can I create one?

If you haven’t set up an online member account, you can do so by visiting

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