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Wednesday September 11, 2019

Writers Guild Members Ratify Three-Year Agreement with Entercom

NEW YORK, NY (September 11, 2019) — Winning pay increases as high as 19% for some of its lowest paid members, the Writers Guilds of America, East and West (WGA) today announced it reached a three-year collective bargaining agreement with Entercom covering staffs at New York’s WCBS, Chicago’s WBBM and Los Angeles’ KNX. The contract was unanimously ratified by the 65-member bargaining unit, the Council of the Writers Guild of America, East and the Board of the Writers Guild of America West.

In a statement, the WGA Bargaining Committee said, “The new contract is the first since Entercom took control of CBS’s local radio stations, including WCBS, WBBM and KNX. We are proud to have secured an agreement that increases wages for everyone, with additional wages and holiday pay for the lowest paid members; provides full retro pay to the expiration of the previous contract; protects benefits; increases minimum severance; provides hiring preferences for temporary employees; and establishes committees to address diversity and sexual harassment.”

The three-year agreement includes:

  • 2% across the board wage increases in each year for all members, except:
    • In year 1, Associate Producers at WBBM in Chicago receive a 15-19% raise;
    • In year 1, Desk Assistants at WCBS in New York receive a 2.4-3% raise;
    • Current Daily Hires in Los Angeles will see a 2% increase over the life of the contract, and those employed since 2017 will have their WGA pensions protected.
  • All pay increases in the first year will be retroactive to April 6;
  • Associate Producers at WBBM will receive two additional paid holidays, paid at double time;
  • All temporary employees at WBBM and Daily Hires at KNX will receive paid sick leave in accordance with local law;
  • All temporary Desk Assistants at WCBS, Associate Producers at WBBM, and Daily Hires at KNX who are not eligible for WGA health or pension will now be eligible for company health and retirement plans

Lowell Peterson, Executive Director of the Writers Guild of America, East, said, “This contract was won with incredible solidarity across three geographically separate stations. Together, we were able to secure a contract that makes significant financial gains and guarantees important workplace protections. Our contract campaign at Entercom was bolstered by tremendous support from WGA members working in film, television, broadcast and digital news, as well as the Chicago Labor Federation and the NFL Players Association.  We want to thank everyone who supported us at rallies, in petitions, and on social media. We encourage all media workers to join a union.”

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