Caucuses & Guild Contracts

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Caucuses and Guild Contracts

Caucuses are professional communities for writers who work in more “niche” corners of the entertainment industry. As such, Caucus membership is a valuable jumping-off point for writers who aim to become members of the Writers Guild.

The Writers Guild of America, East fosters and protects the ability of all professional writers to pursue their craft as a sustainable career—inclusive of pension and benefits—whether or not writers are currently members of the Guild. Although it’s true that many Caucus members work in more “niche” areas of the industry where financial limitations are often a reality, the Writers Guild is emphatic that working with a lower budget does not mean that writers need to accept lower standards from their employers. The Writers Guild is able to protect and support writers because we have negotiated certain rights and standards through contracts, many of which are intended specifically to cover writers in lower-budget fields.

What can a Guild Contract secure for writers?

  • Minimum compensation rates
  • Pension & health contributions
  • Protection of creative rights

Why explore Guild Contracts?

Having one’s work covered under a Guild contract gives writers the opportunity to receive benefits and protections like healthcare coverage, pension plan earnings, and residual payments.

In addition, through these contracts, writers who are not yet WGA members may become eligible for Guild membership.

Part of the purpose of the Guild’s Caucuses is to guide writers through the process of covering their work under a Guild contract. We encourage current and prospective Caucus members to familiarize themselves with the agreements and contracts most relevant to them:

More information, additional forms, and other contracts can be found on by visiting Guild Contracts.

For more information about how the Guild can help advance the careers of writers in these fields beyond Contracts, please contact us using the form below.

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