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About the New Media Caucus

The goal of the New Media Caucus is to serve as a community for professional writers who develop content for digital distribution. The New Media Caucus operates with an understanding that there are two active and significant classes of professional writers, those self-financing projects (indie) and those negotiating distribution deals with studios, platforms and networks (developed). This caucus also serves writers focused in the video and mobile gaming industry.

The aim is to engage as many participants from both classes to help establish expectations of income, pension and benefits among these professional writers, and avoid their being pushed into the limits of a gig economy lifestyle.

What is New Media?

New Media includes all writing of audio-visual production intended for the Internet, mobile devices, evolving technological devices such as the iPad, or any other platform thought of as “new media” by the industry as of the start of the 2008 MBA. This includes everything from webseries to podcasts to video games.

Writers working on web series that are produced by companies that are WGA signatories can apply for WGA East membership.  Examples of digital series that are WGA covered include big-budget new media programs HOUSE OF CARDS and MASTER OF NONE, as well as independently produced web series such as HIGH MAINTENANCE and F TO 7TH.

New Media Caucus Benefits

Members of the New Media Caucus receive [the same benefits] that all caucus members enjoy. In addition, New Media projects can be produced under a WGA Contract, which entitles writers to the same standards of minimum compensation and protection afforded larger projects. Our New Media Project Checklist provides an overview of how writers can cover their New Media projects under a WGA Contract.

The WGAE New Media Caucus holds 3-4 meetings annually and hosts events throughout the year.

Recent New Media Caucus events include:

  • Navigating the Business of Entertainment: When to call the WGAE or an attorney
  • Seed & Spark Crowdfunding Workshop
  • Issa Rae Productions Workshop on Independent Digital Series Production

Joining the New Media Caucus

Who is Eligible to join the New Media Caucus?

All applicants must have fulfilled at least one of the five eligibility criteria* detailed below in order to be considered for the New Media Caucus. If you meet the criteria, we encourage you to indicate your interest in joining the New Media Caucus by submitting an application.

Eligibility Criteria for the New Media Caucus:

  • The Writer’s webseries has been or will be produced under the WGA low-budget web series agreement
  • The Writer’s webseries has been produced and is online.
  • The Writer’s webseries has been nominated for and/or won a highly regarded webseries writing award. (Webseries contests are subject to review and approval by the WGAE Indie Film Caucus Steering Committee.)
  • The Writer has written for a video game that has been or will be produced.
  • The Writer is a member of the WGAE who is working on a webseries screenplay or videogame script.

For more information on the benefits of having your web series WGA-covered, please contact us using the form below.

To apply to join a WGAE Caucus, fill out the application form (external – opens in a new window).

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