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Wednesday July 13, 2022

Meet the Class of the 2022 WGI Support Staff Training Program

Meet the First Class of the
WGI Support Staff Training Program

We’re excited to introduce the following 20 emerging writers who completed either the Writers Assistant or Script Coordinator tracks of the inaugural WGI Support Staff Training Program. Trained by veteran writers with experience in these roles for some of TV’s most demanding rooms, we present them to the membership for staffing consideration.

Get to know a bit about their backgrounds (from journalists and PAs, to stand ups and genre filmmakers), obsessions (from America’s Reconstruction Era to comic book villains) and overall passion for screenwriting here.

Join us in celebrating and supporting the careers of:
Nia Ashley
Munir Atalla
Diana Aydin
Rebecca Benzell
Amanda Breen
Adrián Burke
Callie Chiang
Elena Dudum
Isabel E
Jackie Ferro
Grace King
Mo Moshaty
Nick Moutvic
Corey Popowski
Morgan B. Powell
Omar Shaukat
Laurie Thomas
Terrence Thompson
Shea Vassar
Heaven Wong

Find their bios here.

To learn more about the program, connect with a trainee, or support the program as former support staffer, email Jenna Bond at or reply to this email.

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