Sesame Workshop Contract 2024

We fought for a fair union contract that protects all writers at Sesame Workshop – and we won!

A message from the WGA-Sesame Workshop 2024 Negotiating Committee

We are so proud to work for an organization that values its writers, and we believe this new contract will positively impact writers throughout the children’s media landscape. “S” truly is for Solidarity. We are glad to have a contract in place that allows Sesame to do what it does best – lead.

The writers behind the Sesame Workshop programs we’ve watched and loved for generations have reached a tentative agreement for their next union contract.

The writers won historic jurisdiction and minimum rates for animation and new media programs produced by Sesame, protections against artificial intelligence, paid parental leave benefits, and substantial improvements to new media residuals. Read about the full Tentative Agreement here.

Thank you to the thousands of supporters who sent letters to Sesame Workshop executives demanding a fair deal for all writers at Sesame.

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