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Monday August 1, 2022

Writers Guild Health Fund Adopts New Travel Benefit for Participants Living or Working in States that Prohibit Abortion

Effective August 1, 2022, the trustees of the Producer-Writers Guild of America Health Fund have adopted a new benefit to cover the travel and lodging expenses of participants who live or work in states that prohibit abortions.  The new benefit is described in a Summary of Material Modifications which the Fund will distribute to current participants; you can review a copy of it here.

Although most health fund participants live in states where abortion procedures remain legal, some do not – and some participants work in states that now prohibit abortion.

If a participant lives in a state where abortion remains legal but works in a state which has prohibited abortion after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, they can choose between going home for the procedure or going to the state closest to their job where abortion remains lawful.

If a participant lives in a state where abortion access is now illegal, they may choose to have the procedure in the state closest to them where abortion remains lawful.

The health fund covers a wide range of reproductive health procedures, summarized here. If you are a participant and you have questions about a particular procedure, please contact the fund directly.

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