Greg Iwinski

Candidate for Council, Film/TV/Streaming Sector (i)

Hi, my name is Greg Iwinski, and I’m running for reelection to the WGAE council. I am known for long speeches, and I will save you from a print version of that now with some brief comments and a request for your vote.

I am currently on our 2023 WGA Negotiating Committee (external – opens in a new window), fighting to make sure all Appendix A writers receive the same MBA terms in streaming work that they do in linear TV. The work is the same. It pays the same for episodic television writers. It is our time to achieve that equality too.

I am also currently on the WGAE Council, where I have worked to move the guild forward in areas like racial equality and improving work conditions for late night writers. In fact, those two areas came together in my work with Guild staff to create the Late Night Diversity Pledge, a document that called out bad practices in our genre and endorsed new healthy replacements — and a document that was signed by over 50 supervising writers and endorsed by over 200 staff writers.

I am also a strike captain. Hopefully I’ve run into you on a picket line or an organization meeting – I’m the guy with the two kids who really love those clapper noisemakers. In addition to NegCom duties, I have worked on the Themed Pickets planning team to help organize days like Bring Your Kid to the Picket Day, Sports Union Day, and Comedy Writers Day.

I love the WGA East. And I mean the East. From our production shutdowns to our huge rallies to a 100 day picket that wrapped a full city block, the East has set the bar in this strike for what it looks like to stare your opponent in the face and not blink.

And we are… and I say this in a good way… weird. We’re a collection of all different people, all different writers. Even in this election, where I can only campaign to and ask for votes from F/T/S members, I still appreciate that we are an amalgam of all different people, united by one thing: that we are really damn good at writing. I love this union because it’s a union, and because we are a small but mighty group that always punches above its weight.

I hope these above paragraphs make a good case why you would vote for me for council. But my greater hope is that in a union this small, with us out there every day, that you already know me. You know, for lack of a better term, “my deal.” And you know if you want that on council or not. I hope you do; I understand if you don’t. Vote. Grab a sign. And I’ll see you in that tiny pen they give us at 30 Rock.

– Greg Iwinski

Endorsed by

John August
Kay Cannon
Tim Carvell
Yahlin Chang
Adam Conover
Lisa Takeuchi-Cullen
Mike Drucker
Ashley Gable
Gina Giofriddo
Josh Gondelman
Tian Jun Gu
Hallie Haglund
Liz Hynes
Kim Kelly
Chris Kyle
Kathy McGee
Jo Miller
Hamilton Nolan
Erica Saleh
Danielle Sanchez-Witzel
James Schamus
Mike Schur
Sasha Stewart
Tracey Scott Wilson
Michael Winship

* (i) denotes incumbent