Credits Manuals

A writer’s position in the entertainment industry is determined largely by their credits.

Their professional status depends on the quality and number of screenplays, teleplays, or stories which bear their names.

The Writers Guild of America, East was founded on the notion that writers should get the credit they deserve, which is why the administration of an accurate and equitable system of determining credits is one of the most important services the Guild performs for writers. The credit rules and guidelines are complex and, as a result, can sometimes be difficult to navigate, so we have provided these credits manuals for writers and employers in order to make the process less daunting.

If you have any questions, contact Director of Contract Enforcement and Credits Geoff Betts at 212-767-7852 or by email.

To access the requisite credits forms & find submission instructions, please refer to Credits Forms.

The rights protected by the WGAE don’t end with credits—we encourage members to learn more about their rights and the ways that the Guild can help protect them.

Manuals and guides for writers

Credits Survival Guide

The Credits Survival Guide is a plain language guide to the credits determination process with practical tips writers should know to help protect their interests in credits.

Credits Manuals

These manuals describe the Guild’s credits determination procedure and policy. In addition, they detail writers’ rights and responsibilities when hired by a Guild signatory Company.

Screen Credits Manual

Television Credits Manual

Additional Literary Material
Writers who have rendered WGA-covered writing services on theatrical features who do not receive writing credit may receive an Additional Literary Material credit. Here’s an explanation of how the ALM works and who may receive it.

Information for companies

Credits Procedures Guides

These guides are a ready reference for writers and staff members who propose writing credits, prepare and submit Notices of Tentative Writing Credits to the Guild for Guild signatory production companies, and gather materials for credit arbitration on Guild projects.

Writers and staff members who propose writing credits, prepare, and submit NTWCs to the Guild for Guild signatory production companies and gather materials for credit arbitrations on Guild projects can use these guides as a helpful reference tool.

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