Report a Violation


Submit Your Contract

Working Rule 3 requires that members send the Guild a copy of their contracts. Your writing contracts are a very important part of the Guild’s enforcement efforts. If we do not have your contract on file, it may delay our enforcement efforts on your behalf. If the Guild does not have a copy of your contract, please Submit Your Contract now.

Late Pay

The MBA requires timely payment. When payment is late, it is a violation of the MBA and should be reported to the Guild for enforcement.

If you have been paid initial compensation (as opposed to residuals) late, or not at all, the Guild is here to help. Learn the steps to getting paid on time and reporting your problem. If you have any questions, contact the Contracts Department.

Free Rewrites

Under the MBA, it is the writer alone who has the right to determine when literary material is ready for delivery and payment is due. Follow these steps to protect yourself against free rewrites.

Other Violations

If you have a problem or question concerning:

  • Bonuses
  • Initial compensation
  • Merchandising
  • Publishing
  • Separated rights
  • Program fees
  • Theatrical reacquisition
  • Videogames based on covered movies or TV shows
  • Terms and conditions of your employment
  • Sale of literary material to a signatory company
  • Character payments
  • Any other any concerns about contracts

Visit Know Your Rights or contact the Contracts Department.


Overdue Residuals

Typically, residuals for theatrical projects are due to the Guild on a quarterly basis. Television projects are due either within 30 days of usage (if used on a Network) or within four months (most other usage). Please see the “Residuals Survival Guide” for more details.

If your residuals are overdue, contact the Residuals Department. The department will not only investigate any usage you report that may be overdue, but all exhibition markets for your project. If you wrote an episode of a series, they will check the entire series for unpaid residuals. Potential claims are researched on a first-in, first-out basis. Once they have completed their initial investigation, your claim will be assigned to a collections coordinator who will pursue any unpaid residuals and, if warranted, late fees.

If you have any other questions or concerns about residuals, visit Residuals or contact the Residuals Department.


If you believe you should be a participating writer on a project and have not received a Notice of Tentative Writing Credits, or if you see an incorrect writing credit on-screen or in advertising, contact the Guild’s Credits Department so that the credits staff can investigate whether a credit violation has occurred.


If you believe there has been a contract violation at a Guild signatory company which isn’t covered by one of these categories, reach out to your Business Agent to inform them of the problem and discuss next steps.

If you’re having a problem with a Guild signatory company, we want to hear about it. Please use the links on this page to tell us about the issue you’re experiencing.

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