Late Payment

Late Penalties Under the Minimum Basic Agreement (“MBA”)

The MBA requires timely payment, including residuals, for all writers.  To ensure timely payment, the Guild suggests you take the following steps:

  • Take notes during meetings or phone calls with the Company
  • Save all e-mails with the Company
  • Ask specific questions about commencement and delivery dates and the Company representative to whom delivery of your literary material is to be made
  • Start writing only after being officially “commenced” by the person identified in your contract or deal memo with the authority to do so
  • Provide a copy of your contract to the Guild
  • Contact the Guild if you have not received payment within 7 days

If a Company does not make timely payments, the Guild will represent you in not only receiving these payments, but receiving late penalties as well.

If you have a late penalty claim or inquiry, please contact WGAE Business Agent, Geoff Betts, at or 212-767-7852.  Remember to collect the following information beforehand:

  • The Company’s name and contact information
  • A description of the type of literary work you completed (e.g., story, treatment, rewrite, polish, half-hour network primetime story & teleplay, etc.)
  • A description of when and to whom you delivered your literary material and any other pertinent information (e.g., Have you received any money?  If so, how much and when?  Was the deal reduced to writing?  If so, does the Guild have a copy?)

The Guild is a resource for you that ensures all producers follow the rules and industry practices that are clearly defined in the MBA.