URGENT: Support Jobs for NY Writers

March 18, 2014

We all know how difficult it is to get writing jobs in New York; even the dozens of broadcast and cable TV shows that are shot in the state are mostly written elsewhere.


The WGAE has been working with key state legislators to address this problem. Right now we have a proposal in both the state Assembly and the state Senate to modify the very successful production tax credit to provide an incentive to hire New York writers; this proposal is focused on hiring women and people of color, who are particularly hard hit by the lack of employment opportunities, although of course everyone would benefit if more writing rooms were located here.

Our efforts have broad support - including New York Women in Film and Television and the state AFL-CIO.


We have a real opportunity in the next seven days to get this legislation included in the state budget. There is a "conference committee" of the Assembly and the Senate working on this right now. We need your help. It is so important that WGAE members call the key legislators to urge them to include the provisions of the bills (A7373 and S 5370) in the state budget.


The key people to call and email are listed below; they have been solid supporters of the legislation and they are in a position to make sure the conference committee does the right thing. (PLEASE NOTE: Clicking on any of the below email addresses will automatically open a pre-drafted email. You can simply hit send on the email with our suggested subject line and text or you can write your own).

Assemblyman Keith Wright 
PHONE: 518-455-4793 

Assemblyman Herman Farrell 
PHONE: 518-455-5491 

Senator Kemp Hannon 
PHONE: 518-455-2200 

Senator Liz Krueger 
PHONE: 518-455-2297 

Senator Diane Savino 
PHONE: (518) 455-2437 


Thank you for your support!